Why I Never Felt Ready


We all have them. But few of us really get to live them.

I have become obsessed over the years with people that get to live the life of their dreams. I don’t look up to their materialistic acquisitions or social status, what I look up to and study is their ability to overcome their minds.

Because honestly, I have never felt ready to follow my dreams. In fact, the thought of pursuing them scares me. So, I spend countless hours studying how other people accomplish their desires.

What I found is this — Successful people pursued their desires/dreams way before they felt ready to do so.

Everyone Has Fears.

Everyone has self-doubt. Everyone questions their next move. In every interview I watch, be it Will Smith, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Jim Carrey, or Quincy Jones, none of these great people ever felt ready to go through that first audition, to star in their first movie, or write their first hit record. But, they did do one thing the average person doesn’t….                                                                they did it anyway!

They did it, way before they felt confident, ready, way before the stars aligned with the moon and the sun- they got up and did it! The force in accomplishing their dreams was so much bigger than the actual fear itself.

These people had to unlearn everything they were taught, everything society ever told them to reach what they wanted.

Fears and Self-Limitations Were Passed Down to You

From generations to generations. Our parents teach us what they were taught, which is what our grandparents were taught and take it back to the beginning of time, we have adopted a mindset that dates back to cavemen time.

I believe the fears that we were taught to suppress are the ones we must face in order to live a fulfilling life.

Breaking out of a fear-based mentality?

The first step is to realize that fear was created to keep us alive, but not to keep us from living.

You must become one with fear and make it your best friend. Because the things you must do in this life will scare the heck out of you but you must do them to truly live.

The second step is COURAGE! The courage to do what you have to do today way before you feel confident or cool or ready. This step is the differentiating factor between a person waking up hating Monday mornings and a person waking up loving Mondays.

If you give up on your dreams, what is left? — Jim Carrey

The Money Factor | Why We Become Stuck in Unfulfillment

We’ve all heard our parents tell us to do something that makes us a lot of money and all though this is practical advice / safe advice. Chasing money will leave you depleted from your own energies. You won’t chase the right things and will wake up hating Monday’s and only look forward to Friday’s and your retirement check.

Picking a career for the simple fact that it makes you money is outdated advice.

In our connected world, money is no longer a reason to keep doing something unfulfilling. You have all the resources to do what you love and touch the globe right from the comfort of your laptop and couch.

Living Fulfilled No Matter What

Chase Happiness!!

When you are genuinely happy the money will come with all that you do. Because, you’ll do the work with heart, with immense commitment, and you will put more than the necessary hours into it setting yourself up for incredible success.

Now here is the thing about doing what you love, this is great advice for someone in their teens or early 20s, someone who is still figuring out their lives and have the resources and time to do what they love. But what happens if you are in your 40s with a family to feed and a roof to pay and want to chase your dreams?

You are in Luck |Era of Opportunity and Technology

With the flexibility of the internet now anyone can start a business without much investment, and with little time. So here is the trick–you can still keep your day job as you transition into that new vibrating thing you want to do.

It is no longer an ultimatum.

You no longer have to put all your life’s savings at risk.

You can begin working towards your dreams while still being financially secured with your day job.

Begin to build your business on the weekends are at night once dinner is done. The process isn’t meant to be an overnight success, meaningful careers/businesses all took over 8 years to build. The key isn’t to go all in, the key is to start, start, start no matter how small.

For the next 6 months try building your new life on the side and then come back and let me know how it goes. I guarantee you will see the progress you never dreamt of. At first, it’ll feel overwhelming and scary, but hey, nothing great comes from staying in your comfort zone. We are beings of evolution, change, and growth. We didn’t come here to be comfortable, and stagnant.

We are alive and we show gratitude for our lives by living it to the fullest.

NOW, Go out there and chase your dreams!

With Love,

Zoila 🙂