Love is…

Happy Valentine’s day!

I felt inspired today to describe LOVE and the power it has on our world and our life.

Hope you enjoy…

Love is what the soil is to the trees.

Love is what the sun is to the flowers.

Love is what water is to human beings.

They give so abundantly without expecting anything in return.  They give in this abundant way because it knows its richest secret…that it is completely full.

So full, that they can nourish infinitely past the limits of the physical body, past the limits of fear, past the limits of illusions. They pour their Love unconditionally because they know they are Love. 

Just like the soil, the sun, and water know they are Love and let Love flow to others, you should also know that you are lucky at Love, that you can Love infinitely, because, you are Love.

The only thing that has you living in the illusion that you are not Love is the mirage that Love is some place outside of you.

But you see, Love can’t be obtained. It can only be felt.

Turn inward to the elusive corners inside of you and you will feel the fullness which makes up you– LOVE.

By surrendering to your fullness inside, you will begin to feel Love in all you do, in all your relationships and romantic relationship.

Tuning to this feeling you will see that Love has always tried showing you the way because…

Love is who created you.

With Love,