3 Steps to Start Creating the Life you were Born to Live

The Old World

There is the old world, the old ways of doing things, where you sit, use little brain power and work on an assembly line. You might like it or you might hate it, but you don’t seem to care because by default this is what you do and you accept it. You don’t question it let alone think outside the box to get creative. You don’t go to the gym because there is no point anyway. You don’t pay attention to your intuition because it is irrational and makes you feel silly. You have the same routine day in, day out and even though you might feel trapped there is no real conscious thoughts that makes you realize life is not meant to be a default of what happens to you, life is created by you!

The New World

You start to awake and there is a little voice inside of you telling you there is more. It screams at you saying, “face your fears”. You begin to awaken from monotony and begin to think creatively. The reason for what you do starts to be bigger than “just for the money”. You begin to create new ways to live abundantly while empowering others, positively impacting your neighborhood and spreading your inner love to the world. You begin to realize that it is YOU who has the power to create your life. You realize that your biggest responsibility is not to follow the rules, but to find that special gift that lies within you — The gift that aligns your purpose with your personality and soul. You know that this alignment is the greatest form of living and it leads to true happiness.

The Transition

When you are born into an era of change and awakening it can be difficult to be accepted by the people that love you the most. Most of our parents won’t agree with our new ideas and the operations of the world will still favor, for the most part, the old monotoned world.

So how do we shift proactively to start creating the life we know we are meant to live?

Step 1. Don’t explain yourself. Understand that those that don’t get the new era of awakening have their own process and you don’t have to force them into understanding your own process. Just accept that they don’t agree and continue to love them. Those that know, know. This mentality will help preserve all your important relationships as you become awakened and evolve. Sometimes we must all agree to disagree, and there is nothing wrong with disagreeing. Don’t let it consume you and allow it to get in your way of growth.

Step 2. Only take advice from your inner voice. You can see how more and more people are trying to be more intuitive because meditation now is more mainstream than ever before. Today, more people practice meditation and there are meditation studios popping up all across the country. This movement shows that there is an incredible shift towards a new way/world. People seek meditation because the more people meditate the more attuned people become to their inner voice. Meditation allows you to make decisions solely based on what is best for you and your life’s purpose. When you rely on others for advice, for example, they might give you advice based on their own realities and fear, steering you far from your own life purpose. This will keep you from accomplishing the things that you must do. Start practicing meditation (mental silence and stillness) to get used to looking inside of you to find your answers. THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE, you just have to trust and be patient.

Step 3. Follow your emotional body. As you awaken into the new world you may start to feel anxiety if you are not doing work that inspires you. What do I mean by this? There are so many people that are waking up and beginning to realize their 9–5 jobs don’t fulfill them, they are miserable, & they want something more! Sounds like you? If this is happening to you then stop living in fear and start to take action. Clearly, if you have a family and responsibilities you are not going to just walk out on a secure job, but what you can do is begin to put your inner talents and gifts to work through“side hustles”. For instance, if you love writing then begin a blog. If it is interior designing, then take a course on the weekends and start taking small clients. I can go on with examples, my point though is to become aware that you have talents and gifts for a reason and you need to start using them to live the life you deserve.

You can do anything you want in this life as long as you take action to start. Once you become aligned with this form of inner creation the universe will start to work on your side and the wind will blow in your favor. I believe, this is the fastest way towards our happiness .

Start listening to your heart and become the creator of your own future. That is your birthright.

! S T A R T  C R E A T I N G !

With Love,